Letterlok 4000


Manufactured for the channel letter industry, the LETTERLOK 4000 reduces your channel letter fastening costs and is guaranteed to outperform the competition.

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  • New Development SPR (Self Peircing Rivet) tooling option
  • Faster cycle times for increased production (60 – 80 cycles a minute)
  • Greater capacity clinches 2” – 10” deep letters
  • Larger table 30” x 60” for operator convenience
  • UL recognized clinch for channel letters
  • Simple tooling adjustment for little or no set-up time
  • Air powered (no electrical hook-ups necessary)
  • Foot pedals operate lower tooling and clinch cycle for increased productivity
  • Over 25 years of design experience, proven reliability and quality
  • Affordably priced for low investment and faster payback

UL Recognized

UL’s Component Recognition Service covers the testing and evaluation of component products that are incomplete or restricted in performance capabilities.

These components will later be used in complete end-products or systems Listed by UL. UL’s Component Recognition Service covers millions of components, such as plastics, wire and printed wiring boards, that may be used in either very specific, or a broad spectrum of end-products, or even components such as motors or power supplies.

These components are not intended for separate installation in the field, they are intended for use as components of complete equipment submitted for investigation to UL.

Are you thinking about ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) for your Letter Backs?

Now with the SPR tooling option, the LL4000 offers greater capacity clinches and faster cycle times for increased production.


Features & Options

Throat 25″ Choose the depth of frame behind punch
Tooling 1 Punch and 1 Die included with machine
Tooling Retracts below Table Large letters and script are easy to insert and remove
Quick Adjustments Fast and easy to adjust for various material thickness. Under 5 minutes
8 ¼” Stem Fits large 10″ letters. Safe Low Pressure closing. Easily insert your largest letters into the work area.
Easy table adjustment for different letter heights 1 touch operation raises and lowers the table pneumatically
Laser pointer Shows where clinch will be made – easy to use
– meets all regulations for laser pointers.
Air Filter / Regulator / Shutoff Nothing to add – just plug your air line into the shut off valve
Extended Warranty standard warranty is 1 year (punches and dies excluded).

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