Heavy Duty Surelok


Available in 18” or 25” throat, the Heavy Duty SURELOK model provides the ultimate strength to ensure all of your heavy material applications are taken care of.  This air over oil booster powered machine can clinch material up to an astounding 10g.



  • Available in 18” or 25” throat depths
  • Typical shear strength for 2-ply 10g milk steel is 1400lbs per clinch
  • Fasten materials as thin as 24g and as thick as 10g
  • A double foot pedal controls the 1-1/2” low-pressure approach stroke and 1/2” high- pressure clinching stroke for added safety
  • Specially designed arm and form for even greater part access
  • Uses standard shop air supply. No electrical hookup.
  • Small footprint

Features & Options

Press Design  Solid 3” steel “C” frame
Features Air over oil intensifier unit
Air surge tank and regulator
Dual foot pedal operated
 Stroke  2″ max., ½” high pressure
 Throat  18” or 25”
 Work Height  45″
 Upper Tooling  Quick change punch
Hardened steel punch stripper
 Lower Tooling  Die insert in a 2-piece hardened die
 Capacity  MAX: Two ply 0.138” mild steel.
MIN: Two ply 0.028” mild steel.
 Air Requirements  60psi to 80psi
65psi (recommended)
Approx. 0.8 cu ft free air per cycle.
(3 HP @ 20 clinches per minute)


Click here to download brochure: Heavy Duty Surelok

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