Free Evaluation

Let us evaluate your clinching options.

Free Evaluation

Let us evaluate your
clinching options.

Sample Evaluation

Norlok can test and evaluate your samples in our facility, generally free of charge! See shipping guidelines below.

We offer 3 types of evaluation services:

  1. Evaluation of material combination feasibility. We find out if your application can be joined by clinching or our other fastening methods.
  2. Part feasibility. We find out if we can build a machine that can join your part, or recommend part changes that will improve access.
  3. Comprehensive joint evaluation. Using our ASTM E4-16 compliant peak force tester to collect joint data. This data helps to guide Quality Assurance departments on strength variation and also gives connection geometry measurements. We can also produce Go / No Go gauges for these results as needed. A report is produced and there is a fee for this service.

In all cases, having enough material is important for our evaluation. Sending enough material or parts of us to set up the machinery will help us to create optimal connections. If possible, sheared pieces of your material in 3.0″ x 1.5″ (business card size) is best. But we do have equipment to cut your part into pieces for testing if needed.

We perform 2 tests to validate the connection. A Peel (Coach Peel) and a Pull (Lap Shear) test. See diagrams for examples.

Shipping Guidelines

Package your samples according to your regular shipping guidelines and include the following:

  • Please indicate on your shipping documents that you are sending samples.
  • You should include a minimal value, e.g. $5.00. Failure to include this minimal value could incur a brokerage fee, which you may be responsible for.
  • You MUST also include a tariff number for shipping to Canada: 7204.20.00.00

Parts or samples will be returned to you using your shipping account information, or you will be advised of shipping charges prior to the parts being shipped to you. Please include your account information with the samples, to ensure a prompt return of the samples.

Please send samples and contact info to:

Norlok Technology Inc.
26 Adams Boulevard
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
N3S 7V2
Phone: 519-759-5896
Fax: 519-759-2948