Slip On Flange Watson


A more light-weight version of the Medium Duty Watson, the Slip-on Flange Watson is a commonly customized machine that ensures accurate clinching up to 3-ply 18g. The Slip- on Flange Watson model eliminates painful rivets, nails or screws during clinching.


  • No consumables
  • Clean operation
  • Safe handling parts for operators and installers
  • Air powered
  • Consistent connections
  • Clinch up to 3-ply 18g
  • Fastens easy to clean ductwork
  • Stainless steel capable

Features & Options

Press Design Single steel C-Frame
Operation Dual Trigger – with toggle to close height
Power Air over oil intensifier
Return Pressure sensing (adjustable) 24 vDC
Stroke 1-1/2″ (38mm)
Throat 1.56″ (39mm)
Weight (Hand tool only) 19 lbs (8.7kg)
Capacity Max: 3-ply .055″ (1.4mm) or total thickness of .150″ (3.8mm)
Cycle time 50 CPM standard @ 1/4″ opening
Air requirements 70psi min (80psi recommended) Approximately 0.8 cu/feet per cycle
Power requirements Any international supply within 120 – 240 VAC 50/60 HZ
Hanging Optional spring balancer available

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Slip On Flange Watson

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