Surelok III


Introducing our newest floor mounted problem solver with a 25” throat. The new SURELOK III is designed for all clinching applications and is faster, smoother, quieter and uses less air than ever before. Our stainless steel ready machine offers a no hassle 2 minute changeover for efficient operation and production.


  • 25” throat
  • Stainless steel ready with simple punch and die changeover
  • Clinches material with 5 tons of force smoothly and efficiently using only 90psi shop air.
  • Tooling adapters designed for sheet metal work that needs a 5 ton press.
  • Adjustable 2 1/2” stroke
  • Convenient adjustment for accuracy and safety
  • Self Piercing Rivet kit available for any SURELOK III to join aluminum composite materials, TPO and PVC coatings. No pre drilled holes required.

Features & Options


Throat 25″ Choose the depth of frame behind punch
Round Punch Comes with 1 punch, 3 Dies, Punch Stripper, and Die Collar
Close reach lower arm Clinch in tight areas – also great for pipes
2 piece die holder and insert Fast to change and easy to clean
Adjustable 2 1/2″ stroke Adjust open height to minimize pinch point
“Intelligent” Safety stroke Reduces pinch point to less than 1/4″ (6.4mm) even with 2 1/2″ (64mm) stroke.
High speed control 1 touch operation with increased speed & reliability
– includes pressure sensing circuit.
Laser pointer Shows where clinch will be made – easy to use
– meets all regulations for laser pointers.
Air Filter / Regulator / Shutoff Nothing to add – just plug your air line into the shut off valve
Extended Warranty standard warranty is 3 years (punches and dies excluded).



Rectangular Tooling

(for Stainless Steel, non-rotating, and Multi layer applications)

1 Complete Set of tooling for 0.12″ (3mm) Rectangular clinching.
Includes a Punch Stripper for Rectangular Punch and a Die Collar for Rectangular Die.

Reversible Tooling

(Punch or Die mounts in upper or lower tooling)

1 Set of tooling as either Ø0.18 Round (4.6mm) or 0.12″ (3mm) Rectangular clinching.
Includes a Punch, Punch Stripper, and Tooling shaft. [Dies sold separately]

Surelok III Specifications

Side View & Front View

Side viewFront View


Surelok III – 25


25″ [635mm]


2.5″ [63mm]


48.5″ [1232mm]


10″ [254mm]


33″ [838mm]


37.5″ [953mm]


45″ [1143mm]


74.5″ [1892mm]

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