Heavy Duty Watson

The Heavy Duty Watson machine is your portable sidekick to take care of the toughest fastening projects. This portable tool is designed for maximum flexibility and offers a strong round or rectangular clinch that can fasten up to 1/4” total thickness of mild steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and various other alloys.


  • Hole punching available up to 7/16”
  • Option to clinch up to 18g stainless steel (with select punches and dies)
  • Sturdy, rigid punches and dies give low tool consumption and minimal operating costs
  • No separate fasteners to buy, sort or feed
  • No thermal stress around the joined area
  • Very good consistency of the joint
  • Rapid, non-destructive testing of the joint
  • Ideal for large workplaces
  • Idea for joining more than two layers
  • Fastens pre-painted or galvanized material
  • Fastens stainless austenitic steel
  • Fastens materials with foils or adhesive intermediate layers
  • Fully customizable frame offering different strokes, throat depths and hanging arrangements
  • Single stroke or dual stage approach stroke available
  • Widest range of clinching available (2-ply 30g – 2-ply 10g)
  • High speed booster available (double the speed)