Littlelok 1200


Designed to easily fasten channel letters, the LITTLELOK 1200 machine has a 12” throat and can accommodate a 6”return, making short work of all your channel letter fastening projects. Whether it is your main fastening machine or a sibling for an existing LETTERLOK product, the LITTLELOK 1200 has all the features you need to effectively clinch and fasten channel letters.


  • 12” throat 
  • Accommodates a 6” return
  • Operate at 60-80 cycles per minute
  • Maximum combined material thickness of 0.125”
  • 100% air powered
  • Adjustable table
  • UL recognized clinch for channel letters

UL Recognized

UL’s Component Recognition Service covers the testing and evaluation of component products that are incomplete or restricted in performance capabilities.

These components will later be used in complete end-products or systems Listed by UL. UL’s Component Recognition Service covers millions of components, such as plastics, wire and printed wiring boards, that may be used in either very specific, or a broad spectrum of end-products, or even components such as motors or power supplies.

These components are not intended for separate installation in the field, they are intended for use as components of complete equipment submitted for investigation to UL.


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