Medium Duty Watson


Portable performance in a small package. The medium duty Watson from Norlok offers all the benefits of clinching in a portable light-weight machine. This compact clinching machine is easy to handle and use as it only requires shop air to operate.


  • Lightweight for great portability
  • Safety stroke for greater operator safety
  • Simple tool adjustments for little or not setup time
  • Close tooling access to get in close for more applications
  • Can fasten up to 2-ply 14 gauge material.
  • Air powered hydraulic booster
  • Easy maintenance for less down time
  • Competitively priced for low investment and fast payback
  • Fully customizable designs to fit your needs

Features & Options

Press Design Single steel “C” frame.

Trigger operation
Air over oil intensifier included.
Single shot pressure sensing return.
Can be operated in any position.

Stroke 1-½” (up to 1-¾”)
Throat 2”
Weight 16 lbs (Hand tool only)
Upper Tooling Fast change punch
Replaceable punch stripper
Lower Tooling

MDWA insert style
Adjustable to suit material thickness

Capacity MEDIUM DUTY (0.18ӯ PUNCH)
MAX: Two ply 0.075” mild steel
MIN: Two ply 0.010” mild steel
Cycle speed 20 CPM (standard speed mode)
20-30 CPM (with modified stroke)
Air Requirements

70 psi (min) 125 psi (max)
100 psi (recommended)
Approx. 0.8 cu ft free air per cycle
(5 HP @ 40 clinches per minute)

Intensifier Width 16”

Dimensions Length 16”
Height 18”
Weight 47 lbs

Spring balancer (pricing on request)
Mobile hanging frame (pricing on request)

Typical Joint Strengths

Die Type
0.075” (14g) 550 225  #50
0.060” (16g) 475 175  #50
0.050” (18g) 430 150  #40/#50
0.040” (20g)  400  120  #40
0.034” (22g)  375  100  #30/#40
0.028” (24g)  325  85 #30
0.022” (26g)  285  70 #30

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