Medium Duty Watson


Portable performance in a small package. The medium duty Watson from Norlok offers all the benefits of clinching in a portable light-weight machine. This compact clinching machine is easy to handle and use as it only requires shop air to operate.


  • Lightweight for great portability
  • Safety stroke for greater operator safety
  • Simple tool adjustments for little or not setup time
  • Close tooling access to get in close for more applications
  • Can fasten up to 2-ply 14 gauge material.
  • Air powered hydraulic booster
  • Easy maintenance for less down time
  • Competitively priced for low investment and fast payback
  • Fully customizable designs to fit your needs

Features & Options

Press Design Single steel “C” frame.
Features Trigger operation
Air over oil intensifier included.
Single shot pressure sensing return.
Can be operated in any position.
Stroke 1-¾” [44mm]
Throat 2” [50mm]
Weight 21 lbs [9.5kg] (Hand tool only)
Upper Tooling Fast change punch
Replaceable punch stripper
Lower Tooling MDWA insert style
Adjustable to suit material thickness
Capacity MEDIUM DUTY (0.18ӯ [4.6mm] PUNCH)
MAX: Two ply 0.075” mild steel
MIN: Two ply 0.010” mild steel
Cycle speed 20 CPM (standard speed mode)
20-30 CPM (with modified stroke)
Air Requirements 70 psi (min) 125 psi (max)
100 psi (recommended)
Approx. 0.8 cu ft free air per cycle
(5 HP @ 40 clinches per minute)Intensifier Width 16” [406mm]
Dimensions Length 16” [406mm]
Height 18” [457mm]
Weight 47 lbs [21kg]
Options Spring balancer (pricing on request)
Mobile hanging frame (pricing on request)

Typical Joint Strengths

Die Type
0.075” (14g) 550 225  #50
0.060” (16g) 475 175  #50
0.050” (18g) 430 150  #40/#50
0.040” (20g)  400  120  #40
0.034” (22g)  375  100  #30/#40
0.028” (24g)  325  85 #30
0.022” (26g)  285  70 #30

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