Tagger 320


With our Tagger 320 and 320V1 models, you can stitchfold light gauge metal sheets and light profiles with absolute accuracy and ease. The hand-held, portable machine lets you cut out tabs in just one or two punches.



  • Complete with work-head, tool kit, handle, hose and booster
  • Ready to connect to a source of dry and clean compressed air at 6 bar, 87 psi
  • Option to upgrade from 2m, 6ft to 3m, 10ft hose length

Features & Options

Work head weight 2.1 kg      4.6 lbs
Drive pressure 6 bar      87 psi
Cycle time 0.5-0.6 s

Maximum total material thickness

mild steel 1.8 mm      0.070””
stainless 1.4 mm        0.055”

Click here to download brochure: Tagger 320

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