Power Line

In two-stroke clinching, the material to be joined is first deformed plastically inside a die. In a second phase, the joint is created through a squeezing between the punch and anvil outside of the die. The result is a high quality joint in terms of shape, strength and repeatability.

What's Included:

A complete ASTRACLINCH Power Line unit consists of a compact workhead connected through a hydraulic hose to an air-over-oil pressure intensifier (booster) with automatic cycle control, ready for connection to the
factory compressed air net. An air preparation unit with pressure regulator, filter and water trap, a variety of tool kits, balancer and rotator are available as options.



  • Clinch up to 2 layers of 16 Gauge Mild Steel (.160″ or 4mm total thickness)
  • All Pneumatic Operation, uses standard 90psi (6bar) shop air.
  • 2 stroke clinching operation.
  • Stainless Steel Ready (up to .120″ (3mm) total material thickness).
  • Very Close Edge Access. Center of clinch within 1/4″ (6.3mm) of flange edge.

Technical Data

Workhead weight 7.5 lbs 3.4 kg
Working air pressure 87 psi 6 bar
Hydraulic pressure at 6 bar 5,260 psi 365 bar
Cycle time 1.2-1.9 s 1.2-1.9 s
Max thickness, mild steel 0.160” 4 mm
Max thickness, stainless 0.120” 3 mm

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Power Brochure

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