What truly sets us apart is our ability to not only recognize that unique applications deserve unique machines, but to then make the custom machine just for you.

Whether you need a custom floor mounted sidekick or a portable partner, our team of engineers is here to make it all happen. Cost-effective and practical custom solutions are brought to life with our finite element analysis software that ensures your custom machine exceeds industry standards.

Advanced CAD and manufacturing capabilities set us apart!


Norlok can analyze most CAD drawing formats, so we welcome you to send us your part files for review and reference. Solidworks, STL, STEP, DXF, IGES and SAT can usually be imported and either checked against our standard equipment for fit, or have a custom machine designed around them.

Case study


Before starting a custom made machine, we always consult with the customer first and review their special application.  For this particular customer, we had to analyze the special piece in order to find optimal punch locations and part orientation. We do this analysis using some of the most advanced CAD software on the market.

After the part is analyzed, the best combination of tooling, power units, and safety features are chosen, the custom design work begins, followed by the fabrication of the machine.  All manufacturing and assembly is done here at Norlok, which allows us to closely monitor specifications and quality to ensure your custom product is built to the highest of standards.





This machine is representative of just a few of the Norlok’s design, manufacturing and programming capabilities. These machines were designed with expandability, ease of operation and maintenance in mind.

The part positioning systems, variable stroke die set, automatic screw feeding, and the part sensing were all designed with long life, increased machine uptime and ease of use in mind.